Roz James

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A professional artist and textile designer since the early eighties Roz is widely known internationally for her beautiful creations, coveted for their sensitive style and elegant colour palette.

Living and working on the Isle of Wight in the south of England she is currently focusing on painting decorative art pieces for private clients and decorators, gracing the walls of homes, boutique hotels and restaurants with charming treasures.

The Follyshed showcases this body of individual art, delicate watercolour studies that illustrate Roz’s passion for painting and beautiful things. The themes are ever-evolving and changing but always maintain a sophisticated aesthetic, both fashionable and timeless. Bespoke, artisan frames are thoughtfully chosen to compliment each piece, handcrafted to the highest quality.

“Creating The Follyshed gives me the opportunity to present my work to a broad audience and sell one–off pieces directly online. My designs have been translated and reproduced in many forms over the years, from printed fabrics and wallpapers to paper products, china and homeware items while the original artwork is catalogued away to the archives as the working drawing. Taking this new direction means each painting is now definitive and available to those who appreciate my style for the home and social spaces”.